This Year’s Best Father’s Day Card

A couple of weeks ago I had my students write Father’s Day cards. It’s always a prickly assignment because many of them don’t live with their fathers. I usually qualify it by adding “…and if you don’t want to write about your  father write about the most important man in your life.” Judging by this year’s batch, fathers are mostly good for taking you  to Disneyland or to Legoland or to a place called Snowland, which is either in dire need of a website or doesn’t exist at all. The best Father’s Day letter I got back wasn’t a letter at all. Written by the most stubborn student at our school, it was about the only father he really has: his mother.

My mom cooks me food.  My mom takes me to the park.  My mom washes my clothes for me.  My mom buys me candy at the store.  My mom takes care of me. She takes care of me. My mom loves me.  My mom feeds me healthy stuff.  My mom is nice to me a lot.  My mom buys me games.  She hugs me when she sees all happy faces.  My mom takes me to my cousin’s house.

Happy Father’s (Mother’s) Day to all of you…


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