Feral Brats?


This heartbreaking post from the UK starts with the death of an abused baby boy and goes on to ask how many other lives are in danger because children are being denied early intervention.

Children with serious issues such as autism and attention deficit, as well as neglect, are a relatively new phenomenon for primary schools. The astonishing thing is that, as a last resort, we appear to think that the remedy is to ostracise them.

In doing so, we entirely miss the point. Instead of seizing on inappropriate behaviour as a vital warning signal that the child is an emergency, we reject it. We fail to send the fire engines.

As a special ed teacher I’ve worked with busloads of children who have never gotten help, and as the author suggests, these kids are easy to write off as “feral brats.” Will some teacher think of my four-year-old that way because Regional Center continues to deny him services? Not if his parents can help it.  Fair Hearing, here we come…

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2 Responses to “Feral Brats?”

  1. Kristina says:

    I saw the story too, just beyond sad. My son without EI—-who knows what he would be like now.

    Onward with the Fair Hearing…..

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment, Kristina. The subject has been much on our minds. Which kinds of EI does our son need? Are we giving them to him now? I have also been reading your posts about medication with great interest. We will keep medication a last option but after nights like last, where S gets into one of his sameness binges and trying to get him out of it ends in rivers of tears, I am open to anything. I used to have a colleague, a veteran of special education for 35 years, who would always ask teachers and parents of their children, Is he/she on meds? This knee-jerkiness used to bug me, but I must admit to several occasions where meds have helped enormously. Writing is my medication. And reading great blogs like yours (and your readers’ astute comments) also helps. Best to you and your family…

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