Car Show


S: We are at the car show. You are twisting my hand like a crank, turning me in different directions. You want to sit in every car. When you find an empty one you open the door and get in.  If someone else gets in on the passenger side you quickly vacate. You want to open the sunroof.  You want to turn on the stereo. Your favorite car is a Saab coupe. We are there for four hours, great halls with shiny cars and video walls as far as you can see. When we think we’ve seen everything, we are swept into a stream of humanity and carried into another hall, and another. You don’t smile. You’re on a mission: to climb into as many cars as you can. You don’t listen to my fatherly proddings and explanations. You don’t care what an engine looks like. You don’t want to pose in front of cars.  You want to push buttons. You want to find an empty car.



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