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Saturday, June 27th, 2009

So we decided to hold S back for another year of pre-school, which includes OT, speech, and social skills training, all good things in our estimation. Yesterday, it’s culmination and they move the non-culminating kids to room 5. Trouble is Superman (what we’ll call S’s best friend, who has a particular attraction to that character) is culmniating (”gradulating”, as S calls it) and stays in room 7 for an orgy of juice and cake.

S ¬†later reenacts the days’ events on the rug with his deeda (what he calls me). Deeda is bushed after a day of writing and says something like “Oh, S, you’re going to make Deeda play again?” Wait. It gets worse. Because now S starts playing gradulation with his action figures and keeps insisting that the Superman figure is gradulating and therefore everyone else must move to another location, his parents bedroom, in this case. Deeda protests, the ballast of his belly making relocation a bother. But up he goes, dragging his big duff into the other room. Now it’s dinner and S comments that Superman (his best friend) ¬†gradulated. “Yes?” his parents reply. “But my birthday comes first…”

There are certain “Aha” moments, moments which for me might better be termed “Oh Sh*t.” I usually have these Oh Sh*t moments at about 3:00 AM, roughly (looks at clock) now. Is getting put back traumatic to a nearly-five-year-old? Yes, it is, As traumatic as getting put back, as I was, in fourth grade? Without doubt. Should I pay better attention, be more sensitive? Uh…yup. Can I protect my son from future gradulations? From being made to feel inferior for being different? No, probably not.

But I’ll try.

Podcast 23

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Talk to You Later: Notes to My Son, June 19, 2009,

In which I tell my son about his pre-school culmination.