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Comic Book

Thursday, February 19th, 2009


And speaking of Darwin, this little girl is a cartooning machine, impressing her teachers with her drawing and writing prowess. S is quite an artist himself  as any friend of this blog would know. He’s been drawing since he was a little shy of two, producing tens (hundreds?) of thousands of boom boxes, cars, and fans. Maybe I should put this thought bubble in his head: I could draw comics for a living!  

He might have to expand his subject matter a little. We tried last night, playing with two action figures I bought at Target. Playmobil toys are great. They have snap-on clothes and accessories that give parents of autistic kids hours of enjoyment. When I asked S if we should buy a couple his eyelids dropped to half-mast. “If you want,” he said as woodenly as possible. “That’s okay,” I said cheerily. “I’ll play with them myself.” He did take to them–two medieval knights with snap-on breastplates–after I ripped them out of the packaging and gave him a preview in the car. “Where art thou, evil dragon?!”  But when we got them home, he kept sticking them in his toy BMW M5. “Hey, let’s find the dragon.” I kept saying, but the knights had other plans. “Where are they driving?” “They’re buying cat food,” he said. Finally, going crazy, I told him that I was going to take my knights and go home. “I can’t stand this anymore,” I whined. “All we play with are cars and boom boxes. Knights didn’t listen to hip hop.” (S had Power 106 blaring) “They didn’t even have radios.” “Okay,” he said, trying to calm me down. “Play whatever you want.” I  finally lured the knights out of the BMW and into a dark castle where several unexplained shape-shiftings and transformations took place. He seemed to enjoy it, especially the part where a lion ate the knights alive. “This is fun!”

We’ll see what happens tonight.

photo by Brenda Ahearn/The Gazette

Spider Monkeys

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Shaq and Kobe are the Big Legendaries. Could S be the Big Darwin? In this interesting article a Prof Michael Fitgerald diagnoses the famous shell/insect hoarder with Aspergers.

“Asperger’s syndrome gave Darwin the capacity to hyperfocus, the extra capacity for persistence, the enormous ability to see detail that other people missed, the endless energy for a lifetime dedication to a narrow task, and the independence of mind so critical to original research.”

Maybe my boom box/Hot Wheels hoarder will reach similar heights. Now if I can just get his initial IEP scheduled!  The district is beginning to resemble a diva hairdresser with no openings. “Let’s see…” (SFX: the flipping of appointment book pages) “Maybe March 12…  No, no. We’re busy then too.”

People! Get with it! Remember: you’ve got 60 days. Don’t be getting my advocate going. To paraphrase Texas (or Walker) Ranger in Talladega Nights: She’ll come at you like a Spider Monkey!