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Mystery Boy

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Yesterday, he was a perfect gentleman (after Meltdown Monday). Got dressed for mom, no problem. Great report from school. Only thing was his wandering around with M during free time, but as he explained to his teacher and me: “We were playing cats.” Floortime at home went great, after some false-starts and general boredom with the old Nathaly games. He went to the bathroom and I hid behind the table and we had a session of hide-and-seek. Lots of laughter. Great time. Dinner: perfect (almost) gentleman. Bath time: the same (I was more explicit in the art of undressing and that might’ve helped; might’ve helped also that he got some sleep the night before and that he didn’t wake up at 3:30 as he did Monday morning, andĀ thatĀ for bedtime he donned his easy-to-get-on sweats and not his tight-fitting pajamas). Story time went off without incident, Mom watching the clock. And when it came time to brush teeth, he got up on the stool and went after those teeth like a dentist! I was amazed. Where did this boy come from? Who will he be today?